The original offices and paint studios of Eller Outdoor Advertising were on 2601 W. Cypress in Phoenix, Arizona.

In 1962, Karl was given the opportunity to buy the Foster & Kleiser billboards in two states. Phoenix and Tucson Arizona markets as well as Fresno and Bakersfield California markets. The only drawback was he [...]

During the sixties and seventies, the Eller imprint was recognized through out the state as it adorned each billboard of the Eller Outdoor inventory.

Karl always loved working with the creative side of the Needham, Louis, & Brorby Agency and would share ideas and concepts with the Creative Department that would lead to great billboards and ads. This Mars, [...]

From 1959 to 1962 Karl was an account supervisor for the Needham, Louis, & Brorby Advertising Agency in Chicago. Karl worked on the accounts of Morton Salt, Milky Way Candies and Renault Automobiles.